In June, I went on a short city break to Barcelona with my boyfriend before I started my full-time 12 month internship. I wanted one last hurrah before becoming a working woman (which, as you’ll have probably guessed from the creation of this blog, didn’t actually curb my travelling obsession).

We only went for a couple of days, but we filled those days with sights, sun and lots of lovely food and drink…

On the first day, we got to the city around lunchtime. We stopped off at a café for our first taste of Barcelona and then set off to explore the city on foot. I love walking around aimlessly as I think you really get a feel for the atmosphere of a place, rather than just seeing what “sights” it has to offer.

We spent the next few days navigating the metro to get to Park Güell, walking down to the beach and then hiring bikes to get ourselves back to the hotel because we wildly underestimated the distance, and eating our weight in paella.

The food & drink of Barcelona was stunning. We spent a lot of time around Las Ramblas and its outdoor markets, drinking sangría and eating paella whilst watching the world go by (classic tourist move but it was lovely all the same). We also stumbled across La Boqueria (a huge indoor food market) and bought some fresh fruit, olives (my fave!) and some cured meats for Matt. All in all, it was a great city to feed our bellies and our souls. And our livers.

I think Barcelona has become my favourite city following this trip – I just love how it combines the modern world with historic architecture and then throws an amazing beach in too! I can’t wait to go back there and explore some more…

Bon voyage!

Jodie x

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