I met Elaina whilst working at a summer camp in America and we got on like a house on (camp)fire. But, she lives over there and I’m over here so you can imagine how excited I was to hear that she’d be spending a year in Europe working as an au pair in Madrid! I booked my flights as soon as she told me and we both had countdowns on our phones until when we’d see each other next.

We had a fabulous weekend together – here are just some of the highlights!

We went to El Retiro which is a lovely park in the centre of Madrid, full of cool sculptures and fountains and a huge lake in the middle. We wandered around and then had a go on some Lime scooters which was hilarious!

I introduced her to Aperol (WHAT she had been doing in Europe for the last 2 months I have no idea) and she introduced me to Kapital, a huge 7 floor nightclub…

This is a bit of a shorter one as my visit itself was very fleeting but we also spent most of our time catching up and reminiscing on our inside jokes from camp so didn’t actually do much exploring!

Bon voyage!

Jodie x

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