In September I spent a few days in Oslo with some of my uni gang, as our friend, tour guide and personal photographer Xander lives there (go find him on Instagram: @ajwheelerr)!

I thought it was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited – it is so clean and full of stylish people and lots of perfectly groomed dogs (my fave part). The buildings are quite modern and the whole city is very eco-friendly, with lots of accessible public transport (you just buy one ticket and it gives you access to all of the trams, trains and even boats!) and a plastic bottle tax which you get back when you take your empty bottles back to the shop and put them into a fun bottle-eating machine!

All across Norway, there are bodies of water known as “fjords” which have stunning views and some VERY cold water (we went for an evening swim and came out looking a little bit blue)! The sunsets and sunrises threw out some beautiful light, perfect for us to try and take photos as good as Xander’s (hint: his were better).

We had such a great time in Norway and I just want to say the hugest thank you to Xander for putting up with us – it’s definitely not easy to host 5 excitable adult babies and he did it so well!

Also, how amazing are the photographs he took whilst we were there?! He’s an aspiring photographer and cinematographer and would love it if you could drop him a follow and check out his work! (@ajwheelerr)

Bon voyage!

Jodie x

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