I went to Milan back in April with my family but it was too gorgeous not to share. We went for 5 days and managed to pack in a lot into such a short space of time, including travelling up to Lake Como which was absolutely breathtaking.

We were lucky in that we found an Air BnB pretty close to the centre of Milan, so everything was within walking distance or a short metro ride. On the first day we just wandered around the streets with no real direction, just soaking up the relaxed Italian atmosphere. We went to see the famous Duomo which was just as grand and intricate as it is described.

We also tried some yummy Nutella gelato! (Could we get more Italian if we tried?) I had a go at practising my Italian conversation skills but I don’t think my accent is quite there.

The whole city was just so photogenic, with amazing architecture and colours everywhere you look. Our Air BnB was right above an amazing gin bar called ‘The Botanical Club’ where we had an “aperitivo” and across the road was a gorgeous restaurant called ‘Anche’. Food-wise, we were absolutely spoilt for choice with all of the back-street hidden pizza & pasta restaurants and the little cafés with terraces looking out onto the street at the world going by.

We took a train to Lake Como on one of the days and were hit with breathtaking views from every angle. We took a steep railway to the top of a hill to look down over the lake and the alps behind it, and then came back down to water level to enjoy a nice lunch by the waterfront.

Lake Como was definitely one of the most picturesque places I have visited!

We also took a train to Pavia, another Italian town which was a little more off the beaten track. It was lovely to experience the less touristy side of Italy and soak up the genuine culture (and food!)

All in all, I would definitely recommend Milan, but I would also recommend trying to get out of the centre if you’re there for long enough and explore the surrounding countryside. The trains are really easy to use and it’s totally worth it to discover some hidden gems!

Bon voyage!

Jodie x

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