My boyfriend and I went on a little retreat to Cornwall last weekend, to explore the countryside and switch off for a while.

When we arrived we were a little early for our Air BnB, so we decided to drive over to Bude. I used to go here every year with my family during the summer, and Crooklets Beach was our #1 surfing spot. It was so lovely to go back there after not having been for a few years, and it was exactly the same as I remembered it, apart from one thing. Plastic. Across the shoreline, where the waves lapped against the sand, you could see tiny fragments of different coloured plastics scattered around.

I know plastic is a huge problem in today’s oceans and I definitely do my bit to cut down on single-use plastic, but it hit home even more actually seeing it on a beach I visited when I was a child when it was much cleaner. I was amazed at how a few years had made such a difference to the plastic waste on the beach, and it just shows how quickly we’re adding to the problem every day.

After exploring the rocks and cliff faces, we walked around to Bude Sea Pool (see the second picture) and then back to Crooklets Beach Café for some much-needed curly fries.

We checked into our Air BnB, a lovely little hut nestled in the Cornish countryside. The big selling point was definitely the wood-fired hot tub outside, but the hut itself was also lovely and had a log burning stove to warm us up during the cold November night.

We then headed out on a small walk around the area of Morwenstow. We met some lovely dogs on the way who didn’t seem to have a collar or any owner nearby, who followed us for about a mile before we took them into a local pub where the bartender said “oh yes they’re my uncle’s”! We then headed back to the hut for a nice relax in the hot tub and some Prosecco.

The next day, we drove over to Hartland Quay, a lovely area of coast near the border of Cornwall/Devon. We walked along the coastal path, petting lots of dogs on walks on our way. We had lunch looking out over the waves crashing against the rocks which was such a lovely end to our weekend.

I was amazed at the scenery – the cliff faces and beaches were so untouched by the man-made world (although admittedly we couldn’t get down to the sand to check for plastic!)

If you live in the south west or maybe even further afield, I would definitely recommend Hartland Quay for a day trip. We fell in love with the amazing views and will definitely be back!

Bon voyage!

Jodie x

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