Barcelona 2.0

Last weekend I flew out to Barcelona to visit one of my besties, Alex (@aleexsaint on insta, hit her up)! I hadn’t seen her since leaving uni in June and I’d really missed her, so we had loads of catching up to do! I arrived on the Friday afternoon and mooched around waiting for her to finish work, and then she was free for the weekend!

We went for dinner at a vegan fast food place called Maoz which was AMAZING and then went for drinks at a bar which neither of us can remember the name of! We were both tired from a busy week so decided to get an early night so we could make the most of the weekend.

On Saturday morning we went for brunch at a lovely spot called Flax & Kale in El Raval – they had a huge selection of food and it was so difficult to decide what to have! We sat upstairs on the terrace where they had a mini vegetable garden and some great photo lighting!

We went for a wander around Alex’s favourite areas of the city, including El Born where we looked around some vintage stores. We made our way down to the beach and got some amazing photographs from a terrace overlooking the docks!

We had a mini beach photoshoot because the light from the sunset was so beautiful, and sat looking out over the waves and catching up on each others’ lives.

We went out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant near Alex’s office in Eixample, and then hit up a bar called Bananas which was so much fun! We got a table by the window overlooking the street and shared a bottle of white. The bar had loads of neon lights and was playing British 80s/90s music so I was in my element! We then went on to Bar Sauvage which is a bar with a club on an underground level below. It had such a good vibe and we had a fun night of boogying!

The next day, we woke up a bit later on and were both feeling a little fragile. We went for a wander to get some food and coffee and then headed back to Alex’s apartment to eat pasta and watch YouTube videos of the a cappella group she sings in at University, the Sweet Nothings, on repeat. Search them on YouTube for some great tunes!!

I had such a lovely weekend with Alex but it definitely made me miss her even more when I left. I can’t wait for us to all head back to uni together for 4th year! I’m so glad I went out to visit – I feel like it’s easy to get absorbed into a life of work-eat-sleep but it’s SO important to get out, do things you love and travel! If not now, when?

Bon voyage!

Jodie x

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