For my 21st birthday, I went with 5 of my best friends to Ibiza for a few days to enjoy the sun, the sea and, of course, a few (or maybe it was more than a few) drinks.

On our first full day there, we had booked to go on a boat party called Cirque de la Nuit which was 59€ for a ticket which included an open bar. We thought this was a pretty good deal!

The boat ride itself was quite choppy and a few of us felt quite seasick, so it’s definitely not one for the faint-hearted. Due to this, we didn’t really make the most of the alcohol on board as we were focusing on not being sick! However, when we stood up and danced the feeling subsided and we ended up really enjoying ourselves. The sunset was really pretty from out at sea and we got some lovely “golden hour” pictures. However, we all felt it was quite expensive for what it was, unless you make use of the free club entry tickets which are included.

That night, we went to the Zoo Project which was super duper fun. I didn’t manage to get any good photos but I’d say this was one of our best nights out!

The next day we had a bed booked at O Beach, so we headed down after a late brunch to claim it. To our surprise we were upgraded to VIP for free, so off we went to the exclusive orange umbrellas to look at drink prices which cost more each than a whole weekly shop! (Not a joke)

O Beach was honestly one of the best days of my life – we all had so much fun dancing in the sun and we were lucky enough to be bought a 3L bottle of rosé by some Dutch footballers so we didn’t need to worry about drink prices past our first few! I had the most LIFE-CHANGING smoked tofu sandwich (not sure if it was the wine talking but it was blooooomin amazing) and we all had a boogie on the dance floor. We were there on the same day as Kem from Love Island and we had a great time watching all the girls swoon and ask for photos with him! If you’re considering getting a bed at O Beach I’d definitely recommend it as long as the cover charge isn’t too much, as you get most of the money back on alcohol and food anyway and you have a good base for the day.

That night, we followed some of the workers’ recommendations and went to Lineker’s – a bar owned by the same man as O Beach. It was here where I celebrated turning 21 and brought in the early hours of my birthday with a DJ shoutout and then tequila being poured down my throat by Anton the bartender! I don’t remember much after this unfortunately, but the dodgy videos of me from the night look like I had a good time.

The next day was my birthday but I was feeling a bit worse for wear, so most of the day was spent in the pool eating pizza and at a bar on the beach. In the evening, we went to Rio Ibiza for dinner which was LOVELY. It overlooks the docks of San Antonio and they do the nicest Paella and cocktails! The staff were super lovely and brought out a sparkling dessert and some cava to finish off our meal.

The next day, we did a day trip to the Old Town to do some real cultural exploring (for the first time). It was such a pretty place and made a nice change from the wild San Antonio. There was a Medieval festival going on whilst we were there so we caught a bit of singing and dancing though!

We were meant to head back to the UK on the Thursday and I was meant to be in work on the Friday, but (unfortunately??) our flight home was cancelled due to the French air traffic control strikes. So, we ended up staying for 2 extra days!

And… what else should you do when you’re stranded in Ibiza with no idea what you’re doing? Go to O Beach again of course! We booked another bed last minute but this time didn’t get upgraded to VIP, so we had a bit of a different experience but it was still amazing.

We had such a lovely carefree day which made such a difference to the day before when we were sitting on the floor of the airport freaking out over our flight being cancelled!

Normally I am such a worrier and I like to plan, and then if things don’t go according to that plan I just totally panic and can’t cope with it. However, this didn’t happen this time and I was completely calm, collected and managed to book us another hotel and sort out getting there at 11pm after sitting in the airport for 6 hours. This just shows me how much I am growing up and really learning how to “adult”, and I was really proud of myself (and so was my mum!)

So, that’s a little whistle-stop tour of what went down in Ibiza but I couldn’t even begin to put into words all the laughs and inside jokes we had along the way! I just want to say a huge thank you to all the girls who came out to celebrate with me – Ellen, Alex, Ella, Elaina and Amy, you all mean the absolute world to me and I love you all to bits!

Bon voyage!

Jodie x

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