This post will be the first of many documenting my Australia and New Zealand adventure with my family and boyfriend! Subscribe to the blog or follow me on Instagram to see the next post when it’s published.

Day 1 – Bondi Beach

We started the day at 6am (jet lag’s a b*tch!) and had a slow walk across Sydney to Bondi Beach, stopping at a local café on the way for brunch. It was a hot day… for us! The locals were walking around in coats, jumpers and hats whereas we were in shorts and t-shirts! When we arrived, we walked straight up to Bondi Icebergs which is a lovely clubhouse style bar & restaurant with an outdoor pool. It has gorgeous views over the bay and is the spot of many an Instagram!

Then, we wandered down onto the sand and put our towels down. We noticed that nobody was swimming without a wetsuit but that didn’t stop us! We stripped down into our swimsuits and ran in faster than it took for the cold to get to us. It was a bit of a shock to the system at first but we quickly warmed up when we swam around. The water was amazingly clear and I’m really excited to snorkel and scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef later in the holiday!

We had some food in a beach bar called The Bucket List which was all lovely and very fresh, and I had a Pimms while the others had a local beer (you can take the girl out of Exeter but you can’t take Exeter out of the girl)! We saw some cool street art on the walk there.

We then got an Uber home as the early morning was catching up with us and there was no way I was doing the 2 and a half hour walk back (even though my dad insisted.)

That evening, we went out for sushi on the local high street and then when we got back I did some yoga and meditation and then fell fast asleep. I don’t actually remember my Headspace session ending as I think I was already asleep!

Day 2 – Sydney Harbour & Manly Beach

We woke up slightly later on day 2, thank god. We had breakfast at home before heading out to walk to Sydney Harbour, which took about 1 and a half hours but was very pretty and through some nice neighbourhoods. We also walked through Barangaroo Reserve (pictured above) which was beautiful!

When we got to Sydney Harbour, after admiring the Opera House and Bridge, we had one goal on our minds. We wanted to recreate a photograph we had taken 12 years ago in its exact spot and with the exact same poses. I think the result was pretty good!

After getting the perfect shot, we boarded a fast ferry to Manly. Once there, we made a beeline for the beach, which was absolutely gorgeous with white sands and clear blue sea.

After admiring the beach, being Brits in summer on a beach there was one thing on our minds: fish and chips. We found ourselves at the same fish and chip restaurant we went to 12 years ago, which is aptly named Manly Fish Café. [slight tangent but does anyone else find it really funny to have Manly in front of all the shop names etc because I sure do] I don’t usually eat fish but I make an exception if it has been locally and sustainably sourced, which it was. It was an amazing, fresh meal and we all left feeling very satisfied!

However, if you know me you know I ALWAYS have room for pudding and this was no exception. We headed to Gelatissimo at Manly Wharf to get our fix – I chose a dark chocolate ice cream which was amazing! We then got the ferry back to Sydney Harbour and the train back home and had a chilled evening before our flight up to Brisbane the next day.

That’s all for now! Subscribe to the blog or follow me on Instagram if you want to see the next update about my trip.

Bon voyage!

Jodie x

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