Daintree Rainforest

This is where we spent the bulk of our trip so our days were a little more relaxed! However, we still visited all of the main spots and some a little more off the beaten track!

Day 12

We had a slow morning enjoying the sunny deck of our Air BnB. We then drove up to Myall Beach and did a boardwalk through the rainforest which ends in a mangrove track leading onto the beach. We had lunch at the Turtle Rock Café (I had a falafel wrap which was amazing!) and also took the opportunity to book onto one of their Ocean Safari snorkelling trips for a few days’ time. We had a BBQ on the deck for dinner and listened to the sounds of the rainforest as the sun went down. We watched HUGE flying foxes soaring about and then had the most amazing view of the stars in the night sky and could easily see an arm of the Milky Way!

Day 13

We went to the Cape Trib Fruit Farm for their daily fruit tasting, which included black sapote (chocolate pudding fruit), bread fruit (the tree of the future – can feed a family of 4 for a year!), miracle fruit (makes lime taste sweet) and many more. We then had a tour of the farm to see how they grow all of their produce. This experience was $30 per adult and I’d definitely say it was worth the money for the amount of information you’re given and, of course, all the fruit!

Day 14

We discovered a little swimming hole near our AirBnB, known by locals as “the blue hole”. You can access it from a path with a white gate by taking the right turn immediately before the entrance to Heritage Lodge. The hole is deep enough to swim properly and not even too cold!

Day 15

We went snorkelling with Ocean Safari, which was one of the most amazing days of my life to date. They use a small boat with 25 people maximum, which means you disturb the reef very minimally and it makes the whole experience much more intimate. My favourite moment was when we encountered a turtle swimming up to the surface for air and followed it along with our GoPro!

I would definitely recommend booking onto Ocean Safari if you’re near Cape Tribulation – for me the experience was much more special than the one we had in Port Douglas!

Day 16

We spent a day at Mossman Gorge back across the Daintree river where we could also stock up on our grocery shopping. We did the 2.4km walk around the park and also swam in the main swimming creek (which was FREEZING!)

We paid for the shuttle bus down to the Gorge but you can also walk for free (we didn’t realise this at the time but I would definitely do this next time!)

Day 17

We walked the length of the Cape Kimberley beach right around to the mouth of the Daintree river and didn’t see a single person the entire time! (Maybe due to the croc warning signs…?)

The only downside was the amount of plastic littering the shoreline – on a 100m stretch of beach we collected all the plastic pictured below. It consisted mainly of bottle tops, straws and packaging – all things which are so easy to cut down on for most people so they don’t end up in our oceans!

We stopped at Alexandra Lookout on the way back to look over the stretch of beach we had just walked along from above.

Day 18

We had lunch at Lync Haven and spotted a few pythons in their tree ferns out front! They also have a small wallaby rescue section – so cute!

We visited the Daintree Discovery Centre which I really rated – within the entry fee you get a free audio tour which explained all of the different plants and animals and even some aboriginal traditions to do with the rainforest. The walking wasn’t very challenging, apart from the 23m canopy which my dad straight out refused to climb up!

After the discovery centre, we did a 2.7km rainforest walk just around the corner (begins with a J, you can’t miss it if you keep driving past the Daintree Discovery Centre). I really enjoyed this walk – it was very lush as it had just rained and the mud was an amazing shade of red!

Day 19

We had a chilled day on South Noah beach, which is located between Thornton beach and the main Noah beach. It’s very difficult to find as there is only one lay-by parking spot but it’s totally worth it when you do find it because it’s always completely deserted! We spent the whole day here and didn’t see a singe other person. We went for lunch at Mason’s Café which is just a short drive away. The boys had local burger tasting platters which included croc, kangaroo and emu! I had a jackfruit burger which was also really nice.

Day 20

We drove the 4WD Bloomfield track up towards Cooktown and stopped off at Wujal Wujal for some amazing views across a river and also a short walk to the Wujal Wujal falls.

Further along the route to Cooktown, we came across the Black Mountain which is pretty stunning! We had lunch in Cooktown at the Driftwood Café and looked out over the bay and the Captain Cook memorial. We then drove to Trevathan Falls (the track turns into a 4WD track further down, if you don’t have a 4WD I’d definitely say cut your losses and walk it as it gets very bumpy!

The Trevathan Falls were quite hard to find – you pretty much just have to keep walking towards the sound of running water and eventually you turn a corner and see it! The water hole at the bottom is perfect for swimming in and also very deep so safe for jumping.

Day 22

Another day spent at South Noah Beach! We went to a restaurant called Whet in the evening and, although I have no photos to show of it, it was one of the nicest meals I’ve had in a long time!

Day 23

We went croc spotting on the Daintree River and managed to see its two large males, a few females and even a few baby crocs!

Day 24

We had to drive back to Cairns today to fly back to Sydney where my parents will be flying home and Matt and I will be starting our onwards journey to New Zealand. We stopped at Kuranda for lunch and a look around their traditional markets which was a lot of fun and we managed to pick up a few souvenirs including a kangaroo scrotum bottle opener for Matt’s brother! (Sorry Luke)

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed hearing about what we got up to in the Daintree. New Zealand Road Trip blog post coming soon!

Bon voyage!

Jodie x

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